Power Law Technique

Enjoy the new productivity technique that works with your energy to help you beat fatigue, work longer and better

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How It Works

How it works


The Power Law Technique (PLT) is a new time management technique similar to the Pomodoro Technique, but smarter. Your willpower drains throughout the day, which PLT counters by helping you recover more naturally.

It achieves this by breaking down work into a sequence of 35, 20, 15 min and drinking water periodically. You get to beat out fatigue, work longer and better.

We also added a few productivity features, like reminders to stay hydrated, using ambient sound, getting inspiring quotes for motivation and writing summary notes after completing your activity. Finally, thanks to stats and time challenges, you can keep yourself accountable.

Stay productive while countering fatigue with PLT and reach your goal !

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Ambient Sound

Listen to your favorite ambient sound

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Reminders to stay hydrated and track your water intake

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Quotes that keep you motivated

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Capture key points of your work session

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water tracking screen
quote screen
quote screen